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    How to manipulate NCLOB values in oracle 10g???

      Hi Experts,
      I have a scenario, where I have to show multi language output in screen. Im using plsql developer, my plsql block should show the multi language report.
      Root table have multi language stirng stored in it with NCLOB datatype. In my plsql block, im selecting into NCLOB variable(ex: var1). when I insert that var1 into some test table with nclob column, it is showing original multi language text. But when I manipulate that var1 with some other variables (ex: var3:=var2||var1) , now if i insert var3 into some table it inserts like var2 ??????? value. and same in dbms output as well.
      Please assist me to get original multi language value. Or guide me to manipulate nclob variables.