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    How to display information about an Object like Car on mouse over event?


      I have JTree inwhich im using JTable as node tree renderer. Now in this JTable im using JTextPane as renderer.
      This JTextPane contains objects like car which are comma seperated.
      My requirement is when i put mouse on any Car object, it should show me Car information on tooltip or below the window.
      Because of some problem im not able to paste my code here.

      Sequence is like Tree Table which has JTextPane is node renderer.
      There are many comma separated Car objects like car1,car2,car3... which i put in JTextPane.
      and my tree is like

      carmodel1,2,3.. are objects of Car which has model information, my requirement is when put mouse over any Car Object
      I have to display Car information in Statusbar.
      Any sugestions!!

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