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    How to retain a whole section grouping in one page

      I am trying to produce the AP trial balance report through XML Publisher 5.6.3 for E-Business suite 11i

      Invoice Currency: InvCurr
      -- Under this I have a table to show the list of invoices along with the totals (<?for-each:current-group()?>)
      <?end for-each-group?>
      <?end for-each-group?>
      <?end body?>

      My problem is I would like to retain this whole section of Supplier through to Totals in one page rather than getting split between pages. This does not mean I just want one Supplier per page - Mainly when it runs over to the next page - I want to maintain the whole section to the next page

      I hope I have explained my situation clearly - But I will be happy to share my test XML, test RTF to explain the problem even better if required.