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    array.toString() returns toString on first element when called via PL/SQL

      Hi all,

      we're facing the following issue:

      We have a PL/SQL function calling a Java function:
      create or replace and compile java source named CharArrayToString as
        public class CharArrayToString {
          public static String arrayToString(oracle.sql.CHAR[] input) {
            return input.toString();
          public static String charToString(oracle.sql.CHAR input) {
            oracle.sql.CHAR[] array = new oracle.sql.CHAR[] { input };
            return array.toString();
      create or replace function CharArrayToString (s1 VARCHAR2) return VARCHAR2
        language java
        name 'CharArrayToString.arrayToString(oracle.sql.CHAR[]) return java.lang.String';
      create or replace function CharToString (input varchar2) return varchar2 
        language java
        name 'CharArrayToString.charToString(oracle.sql.CHAR) return java.lang.String';
      When calling arrayToString via
      select CharArrayToString('test') from dual;
      the result is 'test'.

      But when calling .arrayToString via another Java method call as in
      select CharToString('test') from dual;
      the result is '[Loracle.sql.CHAR;@4b374d3c'.

      I expected the second result in both cases.
      What magic is PL/SQL or OJVM doing that toString() on an array returns the result of toString() on the first element of the array?
      Can anybody provide pointers to documentation/spec/discussion/bug report?