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    executeXMLQuery Not working as expected in 11g

      What values should be entered for the parameters passed to outputFormat? The result is always 0 records for any junk value given to outputFormat
      I have tried SAWRowsetData etc. along with junk values like "sdfa" and the function seems to get executed without showing any results.
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          I have the same problem when consuming the OBEE webservice from java. Can somebody please suggest a solution. This is what i have. This always returns 0 rows, where the analysis returns more than 30 rows when executed on OBIEE

          I am using OBIEE

          XmlViewServiceSoap xmlViewServiceSoap = xmlViewService.getXmlViewServiceSoap();

          ReportRef rRef = new ReportRef();

          ReportParams rParams = new ReportParams();
          XMLQueryExecutionOptions xqeo = new XMLQueryExecutionOptions();

          QueryResults qr = xmlViewServiceSoap.executeXMLQuery(rRef, XMLQueryOutputFormat.SAW_ROWSET_SCHEMA_AND_DATA, xqeo, rParams, sessionID);

          String result = qr.getRowset();

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