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    UPK Install - location for library on a PC (single user version)

    Robert Robinson
      Am setting up UPK 11.1 on a laptop (document library will be there). When I start up the Developer client, the system prompts for the address of the library. It is on the C drive of the PC, but when I enter the path to the library, I see an "Invalid Location Format" error. I have set UPK up on a laptop before; I just can not remember how to locate the spot for the library on the PC.
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          Hi Robert,

          This may be an extremely asinine question, but which installation option did you select when installing UPK 11.1 on your laptop?

          There are 4 options (applicable to developer other than Knowledge Center) and some people do confuse them sometimes:
          1. Developer Client
          2. Server
          3. Server and Client
          4. Single User Install

          You should be selecting option 4 - Single User Install. To me, it sounds like you installed the Developer Client (which is used in multi-user environments) to connect to a UPK server (where the library resides on the database).

          When UPK asks you for the library location, does it gove you an example of the format it requires (i.e. https://server/virtual directory)? If this is the case, then you most certainly have the incorrect "developer" option installed. When creating a new profile in UPK, you are requested to define the library location (whether in a single or multi-user environment). For a single environment you can define any local folder, and for a multi-user install, you will define the virtual directory as defined in the server installation of UPK.

          Try and re-install using the Single User Install option and see how it goes?

          Hope you get sorted!