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    Applet display names are changed to BC field names in UI

      Hi Experts,

      I am having an issue in siebel where the Applet field display names are changed to Buscomp field names and the labels of the buttons also changed to something else. for Example Add button label in the MVG is changed to Delete, and Ok button in MVG changed to Add, etc.

      I am having this peculiar issue where user can't use the application when the labels are changed.

      we use CTMS and i did a full compile generated Browser script and restarted web servers properly. I appreciate if anyone has faced similar kind of issue and any ideas to resolve the issue.

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          Are you having multiple applications configured or is it one single application?
          The reason I am asking this is that there is an option for Application specific UI setup in Siebel.
          You can identify if this is the case with your applet by going in the Applet Web Tempelate Item option in the Object Explorer and check for the Expression tag.
          The tag should be your Application Name or blank if a particular applet is to configured for all the different applications.

          Try to ensure that for a particular item identifier mentioned in the list there is only a single control mapped.
          Also check the caption in the List Column/Control objects to see if things are ok there.

          Warm Regards,
          Tanmay Jain