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    Problem with the run_job,shell script with sqlldr

      Hi Gurus,

      I Created a job which calls the shell script and i understood from the other posting this job is going to execute with nobody,

      I had done the below testing
      Test 1) Shell script calls the SQL file, this SQL file executes the procedure.
      Test 2) Shell script calls the sqlldr command.

      When i execute the Test cases with , dbms_scheduler Run_job procedure, Test1 is success but Test2 was failed
      When i execute the Test cases with, logging into box with owner of the shell & both test cases are successful.

      Parent folder & Shell files are given with 777 permissions. & the Oracle db is version

      STANDARD_ERROR="SQL*Loader-522: lfiopn failed for file (*.log)"

      Please provide me your inputs its bit urgent Thanks a lot for your help.

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