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    Problems with using old web service project with new WLS/OEPE install

      I developed a java web service two years ago using WLS 10.3.3 and OEPE. After development I checked the workspace into Subversion including the .metadata directory. The web service was deployed to a production WLS box and is running fine.

      Now I have a new Windows 7 desktop computer. I have installed WLS 10.3.3 and OEPE on my new desktop and am trying to get the web service I wrote two years ago to run locally. When OEPE launches I point the workspace to the workspace project directory (from two yrs ago) that I have just checked out from Subversion. However when the OEPE IDE comes up I have many errors in the java code. Pretty much every java class is flagged with a "cannot be resolved to a type" error.

      Also, when I try to create a new server and domain, I have a problem there. I select "Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 PatchSet 2" as the server type, click Next on the wizard, but then on the next window where you select the Domain, the Domain Directory is disabled and will not let me enter a value, and the link to allow you to create a new Domian is not visible.

      Feeling kind of stupid as this should be really simple to do. Am I proceeding correctly by saving off the entire workspace and then trying to use that workspace in the new WLS/OEPE install? Any help would be greatly appreciated.