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    Apostrophes (single quote) are lost when generating DDL code.


      ODI Version :
      Java version : 1.6.0_24
      Database version : Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      Context: Generating DDL code for a an ODI Model

      PROBLEMATIC: When generating DDL code, all apostrophes (single quote: ') are removed from Datastore Descriptions and Datastore Colunms Descriptions in the process of generating Comments on Tables and Comments on Tables Columns. I tried to double, even triple apostrophes (in descriptions), without success. I also tried double quotes (") without success either.

      Ex: Datastore Column Description: *+ID de l'utilisateur+* becomes *+comment on table ... is 'ID de l utilisateur'+* in generated procedure.

      Do you know a way to keep the apostrophes when creating Comments on Columns and Oracle Tables by generating DDL code ?



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      Edited by: uleblga on 23-May-2012 3:42 PM