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    Customizing JhsModel / Debugging JHeadstart

      We are trying to use the JHeadstart 11.1.3 tutorial and running into an issue with the generated SecurityServicieModule. In the Roles->Role Permissions detail group, there is a Name attribute that is an inputText field. It has an LOV associated to it. It appears to be a JHeadstart LOV. I realize these are changed in and so perhaps our problem will be solved when we upgrade (hopefully soon). At any rate, this brought up the idea of changing the model to support standard ADF LOVs.

      Is this a recommended practice? Any suggestions out there on how to do this?


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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          In these are still JHeadstart LOV's, we only changed the implementation of JHeadstart LOV's.
          There is not a recommended practice, if you prefer model-based LOV's, then you need to crate your own set of business components on top of the security tables.
          The SecurityAdminService is provided as a quick means for creating maintenance screens on those tables, but nothing stops you from creating your own ADF BC components and jhs metadata to create those screens in a different way.

          Steven Davelaar,
          Jheadstart Team.