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    Batch Script Processing - Please Help


      Have an issue in my version, for my batch script. In my earlier version,, the batch script works fine and is able to generate messages when a validation error has occurred.

      However when we upgraded, my batch script can no longer generate my email messages. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this issue.

      I keep getting this error. Shown below is a portion of our code, and we are noticing that it usually bombs at around Test for PoV Errors section.

      *1032 - Invalid character Script=CreateXSL*
      Line 43

      'Use Serial Processing
      'Declare Local Variables
      Dim lngProcessLevel
      Dim strDelimiter
      Dim blnAutoMapCorrect

      'Initialize Variables
      lngProcessLevel = 8 'Up-To-Load
      strDelimiter = "~"
      blnAutoMapCorrect = 0

      'Create the file collection
      Set BATCHENG.PcolFiles = BATCHENG.fFileCollectionCreate(CStr(strDelimiter))

      'Execute a Standard Serial batch
      BATCHENG.mFileCollectionProcess BATCHENG.PcolFiles, CLng(lngProcessLevel), , CBool(blnAutoMapCorrect)

      'Assign Batch ID to a variable
      bid = BATCHENG.PcolFiles.strBatchID

      'Check if there are any files in the batch job
      bfilelist = BATCHENG.PcolFiles.Count

      'Test if a batch job was initiated (files were in OpenBatch)
      If bfilelist > 0 Then

      'Test for POV Errors

           'Determine if the file names conform to the BatchLoader requirements
           strSQL = "Select * FROM TBatchContents "
           strSQL = strSQl & "WHERE BatchPOVValid ='0' "
           strSQL = strSQL & "And BatchID = '" & bid & "'"
           'Declare local Variables
           Dim rs
           Dim varValue
           'Initialize the recordset object
           Set rs = DW.DataAccess.farsKeySet(strSQL)
           'Process Records
           If Not rs.BOF And Not rs.EOF Then
                Do While Not rs.EOF
                     'Process the field value
                     varValue = rs.Fields("BatchFileTitle").Value
                     strpoverr = strpoverr & vbcrlf & " " & VarValue
                     'Move to the next record
                'No Records
           End If
           'Close and destroy objects
           Set rs = Nothing
           'Test for POV errors
           If varValue <> "" Then

      'Send Email - POV Errors
                'Declare local variables
                Dim strMessage
                'Set the message value
                strMessage = "The Hyperion FDM Batch job failed because the following file(s) do not conform to the BatchLoader naming convention requirements:" & vbcrlf
                strMessage = strMessage & strpoverr & vbcrlf & vbcrlf
                strMessage = strMessage & "The FDM BatchLoader file naming convention is: FileID~FDM Location~FDM Category~FDM Period~RR.CSV"
                strSubject = "FDM Batch Error - File Point of View"

                SCRIPTENG.fCompileScript "SendMail", SCRIPTENG.fOpenScripts("Custom", "SendMail")
                Call SendMail(strMessage,strSubject,"")

           'No POV errors
           End If
      '     Else