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    Disable IPv6 in Solaris 11

      I work for a regulated bank in the UK and we do not use IPv6. IPv6 is disabled on all our switches.

      Despite this control we have previously been told by external auditors that we must also disable IPv6 on our servers. No problem in Solaris 10 and lower.

      Can anyone tell me a simple way to do this in Solaris 11? there doesn't seem to be a way to only plumb IPv4 interfaces.

      I found an unreliable source on the internet telling me to hack the file /etc/ipadm/ipadm.conf but this means I need to reboot after plumbing interfaces, something that we haven't had to do for how many years? There must be a sensible way to do this...???
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          zach d
          I would also like to see what Oracle says about this. I tried the editing of ipmp.conf file and hosed my box and had to restore. There seems to be very little documentation on this.
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            If you're using Network AutoMagic then create a new profile and in that profile disable ipv6. The default profile includes it and according to the docs can't be edited. Then make your new profile the default boot profile.

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              Darren Moffat-Oracle
              Do not under any circumstances unless directed by Oracle Support as part of fixing a bug modify the ipadm.conf file directly.

              You can't disable IPv6 in Solaris 10 either, what you can do is not have any IPv6 addresses active on plumbed interfaces.
              You can do the same in Solaris 11. However you can't disable the IPv6 loopback address on Solaris 11 if you have zones
              and want to be able to do 'pkg update' using system repostitory from inside the zone.

              To remove the IPv6 address on net0 do something like this:

              # ipadm delete-addr net0/v6addr
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