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    ODI 10g - session keep a table locked


      We have a random issue, with ODI session that keep a lock on a table, even replication is finished and session becomes inactive

      It generated dead locks as a trigger has to update the target table.

      what happened :
      - user application create rows (13)
      - ODI scenario replicate the rows (contract table)
      - 2nd scenario based on same source with another sunscriber run a stored procedure to create records in another table (around 30, positions table)
      this 2nd locked the target table, and when the run of the procedure finished, and commited, the lock was not released
      - ODI replicate another table (price) 30mn later, a trigger on target update position table with new values
      ---> trigger failed with deadlock (ora 60)
      ---> ODI failed as the trigger raised back the error

      this issue happened after 10 hours of same activity without issue, chained lot of time, but suddenly the lock become persistent (more than 4 hours)

      what can I do?

      use ODI 10g - RDBMS