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        Paul Horth wrote:

        I am hoping my proposal isn't that non-standard: it is covered by RFC 2557 http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2557.txt
        MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML (MHTML).
        Yes - nothing wrong with it.
        However, whether everyone implements it, I don't know.
        Exactly. I had a lot of frustration developing a custom PL/SQL SMTP and MIME interface dealing with MS Exchange as it kept on reformatting mails I delivered to it - and then messing the format up. The same e-mail, send via a normal smtp server, arrives fine and renders fine on Linux and Mac (and even Windows) mail readers.
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          Venkadesh Raja
          To: Billy Verreynne: Please come to our 3rd would country and try work here. Then you understand. Please don't compare 1st world countries with 3rd world countries OK. There is a >reason why we are called 3rd world no. We don't have "career choice" here. We are stuck with what we started with. No offense meant.
          this is not right way Channa .He is provoking you to learn more and always be ready to accept blushing if not you cannot learn.
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            Channa wrote:

            Anyway I tried it, put the image in the folder in the DB machine, created the Oracle directory and specified in the place and ran. I get a mail but no image. The place for the image is empty, even outline of empty image is not showing.
            Is there an uuencoded Mime body for that image in the e-mail? You can use the "+view raw mail/view mail source+" option of your mail reader to view the actual e-mail that was created.

            Now of the image does not show, the two obvious errors that comes to mind is:

            1 - the image is there, but there is a problem with the Mime header of the image or how the HTML data refers to the image (resulting in the HTML referencing an image that cannot be found)

            2 - the image Mime header and HTML referencing are find and works - but the image encoding failed (or a blank image was read) and now the mail reader renders an invalid/empty image

            By looking at the raw e-mail, you can confirm the image's Mime header and check whether the uuencoding is there and whether it is correct size wise (the uuencode package in PL/SQL has a size limit on the amount of raw/binary data it can encode a chunk at a time).
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