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    Change PaymentAmountText value in XML Data file of Format Payment Instructr

      How to change the value of PaymentAmountText in XML file generated during of IBY_FD_PAYMENT_FORMAT module: Format Payment Instructions?? This XML Data file is being used by the Check Print rtf template.
      The checks will be used for a Singapore$ (S$) Bank account and USD$ Bank account.
      For the S$ check in XML data file :
      <PaymentAmountText>Eighty-Five Dollars And Sixty***********************</PaymentAmountText> for S$85.60
      For the USD$ check in XML data file:
      <PaymentAmountText>Eighty-Five Dollars And Sixty Cents***********************</PaymentAmountText> for USD$85.60

      I have to add 'cents' for the value of the S$ check.
      It looks to me that since it shows for USD and not for SGD, that one can change this in some kind of set up issue. But where and how?? Or can I manipulate this value in the rtf template too??

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