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    Price change summary report & approach of price change on Sales Orders


      I have made the setups for updating the price on Sales Order via profile options (i update the list price field on SO line the SO line price gets updated). The Customer have manual price overide in their existing system in place so they want same in oracle system as well. Their price change doesn't have any serious logic,,it is quite erratic based on market condition on that day.

      (1) How can I get the report fro the changed price wrt price on price list for all the items on Sales Orders (during a period). It seems, Audit trial functionality for changing list price is not available.

      (2) For the system whether required price change as above is better approach or maintaining new price list all the time is preferable option. In case of new price list, do we have any standard report which fetches itemwise price change details on Sales Orders for a period.


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