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    Total Computing not happening on Sub line, line and header level

      Hi All,

      Iam using below code to compute the contract total, but below api is not populating any values at sub line, line as well on header level.
      Can someone please suggest me whether I am using the correct API or not and also if this is correct one why it is not populating total in service contracts form.

      l_input_details OKS_QP_PKG.INPUT_DETAILS;
      l_output_details OKS_QP_PKG.PRICE_DETAILS;
      l_modif_details QP_PREQ_GRP.LINE_DETAIL_TBL_TYPE;
      l_pb_details OKS_QP_PKG.G_PRICE_BREAK_TBL_TYPE;
      l_return_status VARCHAR2(20);
      l_msg_count NUMBER;
      l_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000);
      l_status_tbl oks_qp_int_pvt.Pricing_Status_tbl;
      l_final_status_tbl oks_qp_int_pvt.Pricing_Status_tbl;
      l_count NUMBER;


      l_input_details.intent := 'LP';
      -- l_input_details.lse_id := 1;
      l_input_details.chr_id :='245003';
      l_input_details.line_id := '301498277568510712147018743801056692954';
      l_input_details.subline_id := '301498277568522801405214890092803754714';

      p_api_version => 1.0,
      p_init_msg_list => 'T',
      p_detail_rec => l_input_details,
      x_price_details => l_output_details,
      x_modifier_details => l_modif_details,
      x_price_break_details => l_pb_details,
      x_return_status => l_return_status,
      x_msg_count => l_msg_count,
      x_msg_data => l_msg_data



      Best Regards
      Ragni Gupta