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    GoldenGate equivalent to Sybase's 'set replication off' feature?

      [I've reposted this in the OGG forum - didn't realise there was a separate forum]


      I'm currently migrating a system from ASE / Sybase Replication Server (RS) to Oracle with GoldenGate. There is a feature of RS which the system currently uses, and that is to disable replication for a batch commands. For example:

      set replication off
      insert into dummytable(x) values(1234)
      set replication on

      This has the effect of the insert command being ignored by the log reader, and thus not replicated to any source databases.

      I've looked through the OGG documentation, but cannot find anything equivalent. Am I just missing something, or does this functionality not exist in OGG? Could anyone recommend an alternative approach or workaround to achieve the same result?


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