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    FDM login Error


      While trying to login to one of our FDM applications we are getting the below error.

      Error: An error occurred logging on to the system.
      Detail: Invalid object name 'tSecUser'.
      Line=select AppSecLevel from tSecUser where UPPER(UserID) = 'HYP_ADMIN'

      Can someone please tell what is the issue and how it can be resolved.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Is this error occurring from the standard FDM web login page?
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            tSecUser is a table in FDM that stored user information.

            The error appears to indicate that the table is missing -OR- the account you are using to access the database does not have permission to see that table.

            Connect to the SQL Server, open the database in question (with the database owner account), and confirm if the table exists.

            If the table exists, assign permissions to the user that FDM is using to connect to the database.

            If you do not know what database user has been assigned, locate the file : HyperionFDMApplications.xml which should be stored on the FDM server. You will find the database user defined inside of this file.

            If the table is missing, better check with your IT guys to see if there is a database to restore from, etc.