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    Search in AD using  group member full DN

    Pallavi Chaudhari

      I am facing issue to search in AD using search filter as a full dn of user.
      I am searching all group members from AD as result of this search I gets all member full DN. Now when I try to find the user profile for the member user in AD using full DN .. it is not returning any result?

      I want to search/get the user profile information from AD for the member user using full DN, because there are many users in AD with same names.

      For e.g :

      CN=User A, OU=Department A, OU= Org, DC=example

      If I search in AD using "CN= User A*" as a filter I will get all users having User A in there first name. So I want to avoid it hence trying to find a way to search user profile using full dn.

      Any pointer would be a great help.