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    Master-Detail help

      Hi ,

      I have a master detail block with the relation

      How can I insert where condition in detail block which has group function

      like max(date)
      to explain in detail

      In my detail I have several records of same code but different dates and status,

      I just want to display the latest date's details and not all

      Like master block



      'AA',01/01/2012,'status close';
      'AA',01/05/2012,'status Open';

      Here I just want to display 'status open' since its the latest information

      So i need something like
      where date = max(date) group by ...,..

      Any idea
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          This is really a SQL query, not much to do with Forms.

          Something like this.
          SELECT ....
                                           WHERE <DETAIL_TABLE>.<FK_COLUMN> = 'AA' )
          BTW, DATE is a reserved word and cannot be a column_name.

          The equivalent of the WHERE Clause above is what you need to put into the detail block.

          For any better response, you should post the actual query with actual table/column names.


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            Thx for the response ..

            Have you ever tried a group function in where clause of any block?
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              Amatu Allah Neveen Ebrahim

              Pls use the property bloc-level
              Then,write ur condition statement there...

              Is your block is a query only and you don't have to do DML then pls create a view and use the view as datablock-datasource.

              But if you have to apply DML so u have to use your "group by"-query in a database-view and do the dml in an insted-of-trigger on the view.

              In this case the form would just issue the DML againt the view as if it is a "*normal*" table.

              Hope this helps...


              Amatu Allah