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    Error while loading data from FDM (EPM


      We are loading data into HFM from FDM. While loading data from FDM it is throwing an error which as below.

      "Load data started: 5/20/2012 9:30:45 PM
      Line 27, Error: Cell for Period Mar is not an input cell.

      There were multiples lines which are throwing error.

      After doing some checking we found that when we unpost ICP data in HFM we were able to load data from FDM. We have not locked the ICP entities because that will restrcit to load data. But we are not able to understand just unposting the ICP values why we are able to load data from FDM. Also we have not closed the period in HFM.

      Kindly suggest, what could be the possible reason.


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