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    How do I make the y Axis scale in start at the data minimum instead zero


      I'm using JDeveloper, with a fairly simple VO that returns a set of high number (say 10,000, 10,004, 10,006, 10,002).
      When I create a line graph based on this VO the Y-Axis for the graph always starts at zero which makes my line look like a straight line. What I'm trying to do is to make the Axis start at the minimum Y value (10,000 in my example below) and end at the max value (10,006 in the example below), this sort of graph would show the trend between the numbers much more clearly than a graph with a Y Axis between zero and 10,006.

      I managed to do this manually if I set choose the y1Axis component in the JDeveloper designer and set AxisMinValue=10,000 and AxisMaxValue=10,006 and AxisMinAutoScaled=false, AxisMaxAutoScaled=false. This settings deliver the graph I need but I can't manually change things at design time, I need a runtime solution, what if tomorrow the lowest number goes down to 9,900? or up to 12,000? What I am looking for is a way to make my graphs start at the minimum value of the data and not zero automatically.

      By the way, when I set AxisMinAutoScaled=true, AxisMaxAutoScaled=true (which I thought was meant to address exactly this situation) issue isn't solved- the Y Axis stills starts at zero even though the smallest number in my dataset is 10,000.

      I'm obviously missing something core to ADF graphs here, would appreciate any help on solving this.