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    Journal copy

      Hi all,

      Iam trying to copy all data from one scenario to another. I am able to copy the values posted as journal's(i.e. in <Entity Curr Adjs>) from the source scenario to the target scenario. But next time I have to overwrite all data in the source scenario. So i was wondering if we will be able to copy journals also between scenario's? So that whenever i want I will be able to see the journal.


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          Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to copy all journals.

          You can extract and import; however, you can't do it from inside the rules.

          Generally when I am trying to copy "everything" from my primary scenario to a secondary scenario, I just copy Source Scenario @ Entity Curr Total to the destination. You lose the ability to differentiate between loaded/keyed in data and journal data; however, for our purposes it doesn't matter.

          Since your requirement is to copy over the source scenario and you want journal visibility this is not going to work for you. You can script an automated journal export/import using the API / HFM Batch (program someone wrote to use the API) [or you could get creative in the rules file to make it kick off the automation].

          I am curious as to why you would want to re-write the source scenario?
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            Actually iam going to run consolidation twice. So i need 2 scenario's. Iam copying all data from 1st to 2nd including journal data..then iam reloading more data in 1st scenario...So basically here are the steps:

            1) Load to 1st scenario + post journals
            2) copy all to 2nd scenario
            3) load more data to 1st scenario

            So basically 2nd scenario is like 1st draft whereas 1st scenario after the 3rd step is the final consolidation.

            But now i have thought of different and easy way and journal copy wont be needed now.

            1) load everything to 1st scenario
            2) copy data to 2nd scenario and load journals
            3)add more data in 2nd scenario

            So now 1st scenario is1st draft and 2nd scenario is final consolidation.

            Anyway thanks for the reply :)
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              Bear with me, but why not just use one scenario but use C4, for instance, to differentiate the 1st and 2nd draft data? That way you are not duplicating data so much and spending unnecessary consolidation time?

              Of course that may depend on how much data changea amd how they are loading it, etc.