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    Third party application is unable to hit PeopleSoft server.

      We are trying to publish a message to PeopleSoft from a 3rd party application. We have verified our WSDL and is showing the xml structure in IE.

      Given below is the URL to which 3rd party app posting the request message.

      https://<local host>/PSIGW/PeopleSoftServiceListeningConnector?From=~Any~&To=PSFT_PA&MessageName=S_DETAIL.v1

      This is working fine in our development/UAT instances where as in production we do not get any request messages in PeopleSoft server. We have checked in errorLog.HTML as well as msgLog.HTML. No entry found on that.

      Our Production server has multiple app sever domains. It has load balancing mechanisms also. This is the only difference between DVL and Prod instances.

      Could any one please help us on this?