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    sdo_num_res returns different number of rows...

      hi all,

      I am using sdo_num_res to retrieve the nearest neighbors of the selected device .. but unfortunately this function returns incorrect number of rows.. for example if I set sdo_num_res=100 , will return apprx 60 rows and 90 rows for sdo_num_res=150 . The sample query is given below ..

      SELECT a.col1, a.col2, a.col3, a.col4, a.col5, a.col6,
      sdo_nn_distance (1) dist,
      sdo_geom.sdo_min_mbr_ordinate (a.ogc_geometry, 1) x,
      sdo_geom.sdo_min_mbr_ordinate (a.ogc_geometry, 2) y, a.pk
      FROM table1 a, table2 b
      WHERE a.LOCATION = 'A'
      AND sdo_nn (a.ogc_geometry, b.ogc_geometry, 'sdo_num_res=100 UNIT=foot ',
      1) = 'TRUE'
      AND b.pk = 427136

      I have seen the same issue faced by others in this forum but not given any solution... Please help if you know the true cause.....