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    Implications of Switching off Logging

      Hi All,
      As a performance enhancement measure, we are thinking of switching of logging for 2000+ business users who use our OBIEE 11g application. We will be doing it by setting the logging level column to zero in the database. We wanted to understand if there is some negative implication of doing this.

      We also wanted to understand the complete impact of setting the logging level to zero. Will this mean that nothing will get recorded in nqserver and nqquery logs? Will that also mean that the SAW logs will also not be populated?

      Any pointers will be extremely helpful.

      Thanks in Anticipation,
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          The login level is a parameter which control the number of information that you will retrieve in the log file from nothing (level 0 - no_log_found) to a lot of information (level 5).
          Nothing should happen but still you can set to atleast 2 to record the users activity/to capture the queries if they are running very slow.
          Many applications set logging level as 2.



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            Thanks MuRam.

            Logging level in our case is currently set to 2 and we intent to set it to zero. My question is that will there be any negative implications of doing this? If I set it to zero, will I not get any error details that I see in the Diagnostic section of EM now? Will nqserver and nqquery logs be empty and will saw logs also be empty? What is the recommended practice?

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              No logging will be recorded and you wont get any issues if its set to 0.
              When you need to track the user details then best practice is to set to at least 2

              Hope this helps.