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    new Instance Problem

      Hi everyone,

      I have a problem about how to create a new instances. In fact, i would like to make new instances like the parents and children exemple. I've created a global boolean attribute for a goal in summary screen. I've made a new entity people with one attribute name and then i've made a question screen asking the name of the person, i checked collect entity instances on this screen. So when i run , i can see my goal who asking the global attribute but i don't see my question scren asking the attribute name with buttons add new instance and remove instance. I don't understand , is this because i didn't create any rules ? Please somebody help me

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          Does your goal include any conditions of an entity attributes?

          If your goal have conditions, which checks attribute of an entity then you will be directed to entity collection screen.

          Hope it help.

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            Thanks for replying ,

            I don't get what you mean ,i know you can include conditions on attribute by Excel or Word but i don't understand how could you put any conditions on a goal ?
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              Davin Fifield-Oracle
              OPA interviews are generally goal directed. It is the rule logic that leads to the goal that determines what data is collected.

              In other words, if a particular attribute of an entity needs to be known in order to reach a decision, the screen that collects that attribute will be displayed to the user to collect instances of that entity.
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                To give a practical example. If you have a goal "the interview has been complete", you can write a rule which says something like
                the interview has been completed if*
                   the name of the person is known.
                If you start to investigate this goal, an automatic screen will appear to ask you the person's name. This is how an interview is Goal Driven

                The example above is a fairly simple and artificial example of how a goal driven interview works. A more practical (and complex) example might be something like
                the applicant is eligible for benefits if
                  the age of the applicant is < 30
                  the applicant has at least one child
                  Exist(the applicant's children, the child is under eighteen years of age)
                In order for the goal "the applicant is eligible for benefits" to be answered, all the information in the sub clauses will need to be collected. Age, number of children, the age of each child.

                You can specify a particular interview flow, and customised interview screens,to enhance the a goal driven interview. For more information on this, see: Interviews and flows in the Oracle Policy Modeling User's Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/html/E27987_01/toc.htm)

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