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    Can Ops Center forward or generate SNMP traps?

      It's not clear to me what the enterprise controller for Ops Center 11g can do with SNMP traps. The Advanced User Guide says the EC can use "SNMP to discover assets" but that's about the most useful bit of information I can find. Can the EC receive and act on traps from agent hosts? Can it generate its own traps and send them on to a different managment host? If the EC can't do this by default, has anyone tried using any scripts?

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          as far as I know OPS center is using snmp for Hardwaremonitoring. I found changed entries in ILOM of T-Series server.
          A forward of Messgaes usinf SNMP is not possible. Maybe in the future. At time you can use OEM Grid Control 11g ore Cloud Control 12. Both OEM and OPS can be connected together and see messages from the other center. OEM is able to forward snmp Traps. Additinal there are some plugins for management software from CA and BMC.

          If someone provide an idea ore solution to capture critical and warning incidents to put them in snmp traps this would be fine and eleminating the need of OEM.

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            the last answer I received was to use the plugin with Oracle enterprise manager grid control / cloud control.

            what they didn't say, but it is in the documentation, is that only critical events are shared between ops center and oem. Yes you can see the database targets in ops center, and you can see the infrastructure targets in oem, but notification wise, only criticals. An of course you need to install both the OEM and the ops center agent on the target/asset. I have found that the plugin for ops center 12c and oem 12c doesn't actually send through any information at all, it will probably be fixed in update 1, but who knows.

            There is a 3rd party product, Halcyon, that can apparently integrate with ops center. I think they wrote an api.