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    Customer Data Hub -TransactionsViewer - Unable to show details link

      Customer Data Hub -TransactionsViewer - Unable to show details link

      I am unable to create the details link in Customer Data Hub - Transactions Viewer.

      Module: Customers Online
      Navigation: Customers Online Superuser -> Customers Tab -> Search and select a customer.
      Click on Transactions viewer.

      This displays all the available transaction types.
      Client's requirement is to create new transaction types and the new transaction type should have a hyper link column for drilldown.

      I have tried the below.
      1. Created new transaction Type, inserted a valid query. (imc_three_sixty_query_pkg.insert_row)
      We have tried the below two options for product_url column
      2. Created filter queries (imc_three_sixty_query_pkg.insert_row)
      3. Created columns, set the hyperlink flag to 'Y' on one / more columns. (imc_three_sixty_cols_pkg.insert_row)
      4. Created rows in parameters table (imc_three_sixty_params_pkg.insert_row)

      Created the security function and assigned it to the menu IMC_NG_360_SECURITY_FUNCTIONS.

      The above steps gets the new transaction types in the dropdown and works as expected but the hyper link is not sown on the column(s).

      Please let me know if I am missing something.