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    BAM-02590: A report already exists with ID

    Audun Nes
      I am trying to migrate a shared report from TEST to PROD, but run into a "Import.Report.IDInUse" error (as shown below)

      ./icommand -cmd import -preview 0 -continueonerror 1 -file /tmp/contactreport.xml

      Oracle BAM Command Utility [Build 15008, BAM Repository Version 2025] Copyright © 2002, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
      Importing from file "/tmp/contactreport.xml".
      Warning: Because of an import failure, the reports imported so far may have broken references if they use DrillAcross, ViewReport actions, TabGroup views, or Dashboard views.
      BAM-02590: A report already exists with ID 78.
      [ErrorSource="ImportExport", ErrorID="Import.Report.IDInUse"]
      "0" items imported successfully.

      This is a new report that does not exist in PROD beforehand, but the reason this ID is already in use is that some business users have been granted access to create shared reports directly in prod. I know which report has ID 78 in PROD, but I can't just remove it since there are business users depending on it.

      My question is thus if it is possible to import this new report into PROD, and while doing so get it to a assign an new ID and not the same ID as it had on TEST (ID 78) ?

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