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    Apex for WebLogic 12c

      Hi folks

      We are planning to migrate an Apex Application to WebLogic 12c.
      Is there an other option available as deploy the whole Apex Listener manually in the WLS?
      We do not use alle the overhead which is inclucded in the Apex Listener for example security an standalone webserver....we are providing this with WebLogic an deploy everthing with WLST not with the console.
      Or should we repack the apexlistener.jar by ourself?

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          Hi Steve,

          it is possible to remove the embedded part and a few other components from apex.war when you don't use standalone mode and have libraries like the JDBC drivers globally available in your WLS instance.
          I wouldn't recommend to go further, as this will only have very little impact on the "overhead" while the risk of getting an unstable service increases. Of course, you could also drop security aspects if you don't want to use the administration or status interface provided by APEX Listener and you don't want to use resource templates. But it would be sufficient to simply not configure security instead of trying to remove classes.
          Also note that instances you've tweaked like that are not supported officially and probably also hard to support in forums like this.