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    DRM Export creation issue

      Hi all, I'm facing issue with POC at the customer site.

      I cannot create any type of export.

      DRM has been installed on Win 2008 server 64 bit machine - polish locale.
      I applied straight away after installtion 105 patch. Repositor has been created. We needed later to change server locale to english US.

      I imported customer's hierarchies fine and when I tried to create any type of export I'm getting following message:

      There was an error proressing your request
      The server returned an error: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime. Parameter name: value

      I tried to google the issue - not successful - only one thread on OTN but not with resolution.

      I applied 106 patchset and still getting the same issue.

      Other things work slick in DRM in range I needed so far.

      Could you please forward to somebody that faced that issue if you're not familiar with

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          We encountered the same problem running DRM exports in Ireland.

          Subsequently discovered the following SR opened by Oracle :

          SR: 3-5740964101 opened for the issue are having with running exports from DRM.

          Problem Description: Trying to run or save an export in DRM gives the following error message:

          +"The added or subtracted value results in an unrepresentable DateTime. Paramater name: value"+

          This error only occurs for non-US (in Ireland) where the DRM instance is hosted in the US; this error does not occur for US based users.

          We resolved this by installing patch Hyperion Data Relationship Management Patch Set Update