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    Deployment problem on weblogic 11g

      Hi All,
      I got a problem when deploy my jsp web app at weblogic 11g.

      After I copied a new war on weblogic, I stop and restart the web server. But the update is not happen on the web server. It still keep the old version on the web. Does anyone know what happen?

      Many many thanks,
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          You will have to go the Admin Console under "Deployments" and "Update" your application.

          Sometimes even the "Update" is not enough, so better to do a "Delete" and then an "Install" again.

          Hope this helps.


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            Perhaps the problem is that your new jar (or JSP) have a 'modified date' that is not newer that the one of the new war or jsp. In this case, weblogic have a strange behavior of considering that there is no need to update an rather use his deployment cache. Of course you need to use update command too, restarting your server is not enough.

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