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    Import file format in DRM


      i am looking for an exact file format to be imported in DRM. can anybody pls help me with that ?

      i created a simple text file, but has a few confusions in it, like what all fileds i need to include in it ? do i need to keep the headers in the file ?

      it would be helpful, if someone can let me know the file formats and steps to be taken care, while importing a file in DRM.

      Thanks in Advance !
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          Your import file should have atleast one or all of the sections required in an IMPORT File

          Version , Hierarchy, Node, Relationship, Hierarchy Node. Please refer the user guide for DRM for details about these sections, I would suggest to remove any headers or footers that you have in your file.

          Depending on the version of DRM you are working with download the user guide to get the Import file details