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    Hyperion Business Rules Log

    Rodrigo André Faustino
      Hello experts,

      There is any way to see the detailed log of business rules running in Planning?

      I know that the file "calcmgrlaunch.log" shows the Business Rules launched, but I can't see the details of the error.

      Bellow is the message I can see:
      "FATAL calcmgr.launch - Date/Time Ended:     2012/05/30:19:26:05.584 BST     Server/Application/Database:     localhost/DT_APP3/StaffGM     Business Rule Name:     Submit (Raises & Promotions):Essbase_Promotn_NOBU(0)     By Planning user:     demo_mafrancisco.     Exception:     com.hyperion.planning.InvalidCalcException: An error occurred while running the specified calc script. Check the log for details."

      Where I can check the details?