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    ADF Web App / Weblogic / Solaris - app specific configuration best practice


      I am looking for some wisdom from the community about configuration best practices for an ADF Fusion Web Application.

      We will deploy our web app to a Weblogic server. Our app also needs to know about other environment specific servers, etc. We also plan to deploy the web app with solaris packages which will deploy the ear or war file and update environment specific configuration information with the package install scripts based on the values in the response file used during the solaris pkgadd command. I already know how to handle the response files and solaris install scripts. They can do whatever is needed.

      What I need to determine:
      * Best places for a properties file on the local filesystem (in the web app structure if needed) that can be read into the ADF web app and used by view controller backing beans and/or UI components via groovy expressions, etc.
      * Any required JDev project/application configuration needed to see the config properties file.
      * How to access that information from my web app.

      Any help would be appreciated.