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    Restrict buyers from buying certain Items


      I would like to restrict item numbers returned in the Purchase Order Form (POXPOEPO) based on responsibililty of the buyer.

      I am attempting to try forms personalization, but am stuck. I can create a new record group from query and assign it to the LOV. I checked the form and the lov that it is currently assigned to is "ENABLE_LIST_LAMP" which I think is a dummy LOV. I checked the form POXPOEPO.fmb for the SQL but cannot find the related SQL.

      Any help would be appreciated on how to set this up using personalization or any other means.


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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Might be easier if you create a when-validate-record personalization on the lines
          The personalization displays error message if the item is not valid for the buyer and then stops him/her from saving the line.

          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Thanks alot for your advice. However, I would prefer if the item does not show in the LOV rathen than having the user enter the entire line...only to be told that they cannot buy the item at the end of it all....
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              Hi Nasheia,

              Security rule setup is the only way you can restrict the items to appear in the Item LOV in the purchase order/requisition forms.

              Brief setup overview
              1. Create a valueset as "Non-Hierarchical Security" and validation type "Independent".
              2. Assign the valueset to the respective segment of the "System Items" Key flexfield.
              3. Setup security rule for the created valuset at - Setup -> Flexfields -> Key -> Security -> Define in the Inventory superuser or similar responsibility.
              4. Add the allowed items in the security rule.
              5. Assign security rule to the responsibility.

              Now buyer will be able to see only the items listed in the security rule using the responsibility assigned to the security rule.


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                Thanks. I explored the possiblity of using security rules. However, the items that users can buy (for example chemicals) are not in a range. We currently have thousands of items, and adding them manually will be alot of work...not to forget maintenance of the security rule will be extremely difficult when new items are added?

                We have categories and category sets setup for the items that users should and should not buy....Can I use this to determine which items are shown in the LOV? I am aware that E-Biz has a feature whereby you can assign a buyer to a category...but the functionality does not restrict the buyer but rather defaults the category when the buyer is auto-creating POs.
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                  You can setup security rules on categories as well.

                  Regarding maintenance of security rules, you can develop a custom program which will be scheduled to see the new items created and add them progrmatically to the security rule.

                  I have done it in one of the project.