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    No Application available from web client

      Good Afternoon,
      I am working with a new install of DRM From the management console I am seeing that the machine is 'stopped' [red block on the machine icon] and yet the lower left corner it says the local DRM is running. Some other things to note... when I tried to test the connection to the DRM_DB I kept receiving timeout errors. I changed the connectivity string to show localhost instead of the host name and now I can connect successfully. Do I need to create a new app using the localhost connection string? I'm trying to understand the relationship between the DRM machine name and the DRM appname etc.

      Many thanks!
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          Mr. V
          By default when you try adding an new application, DRM uses the application name as the machine name. However, you can change the application name to your on choice. Coming to the machine name, it exists under the application name indicating that the DRM application exists in that particular server/machine.

          And if you wanted to see the application in the Webclient, it is not the DRM service that you should check, it is the application. From the Application menu on the top, start that particular application. Reload the DRM webclient URL and you should be able to see the application name.