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    Required components for Forms&Reports 11.1.2 with SSO support


      Dont know if this is the right forum but I would like to know if any of you has an experience in integrating Forms&Reports 11.1.2 with Oracle Access manager.
      I am in process of upgrading Oracle Forms&Reports 10g configured to use single sign-on to 11.1.2 with Identity and Access management for SSO support. As I read the installation manual I got confused by how to integrate Forms&reports with Access manager to be able to configure it to use single sign-on with MS Active Directory authentication. I am not sure is there enough just to install Access Manager or the installation also requires Identity Management component.

      I would appreciate if one could point me to the right direction. Thanks.

      Best regards.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          I recommend starting with baby steps. First ensure that the FMw installation is working. Can you run a form, and report, and so on. Then add single-signon with OAM. Verify that it is working. Then add AD support. If you try to dive directly into making AD work and something before this step wasn't working, you will have a difficult time troubleshooting.

          Generally speaking, if you have OAM and SSO installed prior to installing FMw, connecting the two is fairly easy because the FMw installation will prompt you during the process. However, even after the fact, linking up can be done from within the EM console even though some external steps may be needed. Once this is working, they you can investigate adding AD to the mix.

          If you already have OAM installed, you are ready to dive into the Forms Deployment Guide.


          This part of the Deployment Guide will cover things like, which versions of the Identity Management components can be used with Forms/Reports 11.1.2. It will also discuss the functional information need in order to understand how it all works together. Also included are instructions on how to connect the FMw installation to sso. Be careful as you read any of the documents as it is easy to get confused when seeing references to "SSO". In some cases, the term "sso" means single signon and in others it is referring to the product, "Oracle SSO".

          Information about using Active Directory is scattered around the IM documentation, but this is probably a good place to start:

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            We are trying to do the same thing but so far our experience hasn't been very good. I have done the Weblogic and Forms installation without any problems but getting Identity Management and Access Manager has been a real problem. There are a lot of installers (very version dependent) plus external steps to get Identity Management & Access Manager installed and you need to be very careful during the installation because a single misstep may require you to start over at least based on our experience. I sure miss the 10g R2 single install days where everything was included.
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              Farookh Mohammed Rangrej

              Hello ,


              I am struggling from past three months to get some details on “ How to Implement SSO for Oracle Forms 11g based application using MSAD”


              Today while searching something about my requirement I found that you have done great work and R & D on this .. I think your only the one who have implemented SSO for forms 11g.


              I had logged SR with Oracle Also !!! First they said “It Is not possible at All” .. After than they said yes you can do but it is not easy .. so far I have not got any help from Oracle on requirement.


              I would truly appreciate if you  can help on SSO implementation for Oracle forms 11g  using MSAD.. my email id is farookh123@gmail.com


              And also if can share what all the components have to install and what is use of that components ….



              Thanks in advance … 


              Best Regards


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                Farookh Mohammed Rangrej
                1. Finally implemented SSO for Oracle Forms based Application.