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    Monitoring B2B using BAM

      Using fmw and both B2B and BAM are running and have applications working.

      I trying to follow chapter 24 of the B2B User's Guide "Monitoring Instance Message Data With Oracle BAM" and couple of steps are not clear.

      1. When creating the data source jdbc/oracle/bamaq the user id and password are not specified. Is it the weblogic account or another?
      There is already BAMDataSource that uses user=DEV_ORABAM. Not clear if this the intended data source?

      2. When creating the Foreign JMS Server, the step describes to create a JMS Module BAMAQsystemModule.
      In step 2 "Target the Subdeployment to the JMS Server by selecting it from the list." What is the JMS Server that need to be selected?
      I see BAMJMSServer and bam_server1 or do I need to create new one?

      Hope to clarify this, since need to demo to a client that want to purchase the products.