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    Grid Control  - 11G or 12 (cloud control)

      I am finally going to get with the times and install grid control - I was going to download the 11G version (my databases are a mixture from to 11.2.x) but I see there is no 64 bit version for it, and the version 12 is out.

      Given the variety of databases I have on it (last 9i holdouts will be upgraded soon, one of them to 10G though), which version would be best to go with?

      The machine I want to put it on is windows 7 64 bit.

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          I dunno which, been asking myself the same question.

          After a quick scan on the EM docs I'm going for 12c, the CPU/PSU patch requirments looks to be quite a bit less brain-strain.

          12c OEM uses 10.3.5 WLS, patching that component is very different from "the usual" PSU patching.

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            Loc Nhan -Oracle
            OMS software is only available with EM 12c. Pre-12c, only EM agent software is available on 64-bit Windows, OMS software is neither available nor planned for 64-bit Windows.

            If necessary, see the following MOS note:
            Release Schedule of Current Enterprise Manager Releases and Patch Sets (Doc ID 793512.1)

            According the certification matrix, currently the following database versions are certified (as managed targets) with EM 12c (

            - Loc