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    Pre-computed Sort order not maintained when sorting on other properties

      Hi ,

      We are using MDEX version 6.2.1
      I have set a digdx flag like below, in general to maintain an order, if no sort option is selected by user, product will be displayed in alphabetical order of display_Name.

      We have two other properties enabled for sort, namely Vintage and Price (user can select these from screen and sort the results), but i am not setting any digdx flags for these two but setting them to enequery uing setNavActiveSortKeys(ERecSortKeyList)
      1. By default search results are coming in alphabetical order of display_Name - working fine as expected
      2. When a user sort on Vintage - results are sorted by Vintage as expected, However two or more records having same vintage value(ties on Vintage) are not coming in the alphabetical order of display_Name

      Surprised at this behaviour, because when i used digdx flag its clearly setting records by alphabetic order on display_Name on index, but why this order is not maintained when results are tied on vintage, completely clueless

      Can someone help me out, am I missing something here or any BUGs you guys encountere?


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