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        Step 1
        * Created a new application by copying the existing one.
        * Created a number of pages with corresponding tabs.
        (Set the already existing tab Customer> page2 to page 2)
        * Set at the plugin level the theme number to 101
        * Set at the following region attributes
        Template > Tab menu horizontal
        Tab set > main

        # I have set the theme and template to these values because I'm a bit lazy.
        and don't want to change the theme 21 > Two Level Tabs - Right Sidebar (optional / table-based) template.
        The minimum change to be made to this template is place the substitution string #TABS# in the parent tab templates.
        This is where the standard tabs will be renderd.

        # The tabs are now al generated and clicking on it brings you to the next page.
        Next step will be adding some style with CSS.

        # To show that you're actual on a different page I have created a region on page 0 that states on wich page you are.

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          Step 2 Adding the style

          * Added the css file Step2.css to the "cascading style sheets" under "Shared components"
          * Set the following region attributes
          File prefix #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#
          CSS file Step2.css

          See application Step 2.

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            Thank you very much , now i can use your amazing plugin
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              Hello Nicolette, i'm trying to use your plugin but i can't. Here're the steps that i follow:

              - Create application named tabs with Home page and Two Levels of Tabs and Scarlet Theme.
              - Install Plugin using the file "region_type_plugin_net_vanbaren_apex_tab_menu.sql"
              - Import the Theme using the file "Theme_page_templates.sql"
              - In the Application i created a new page with type "Plug-ins", then selected the plugin "Tab menu", then in Settings i wrote "101" as Template
              - In Shared Components > Tabs, I selected "main" as Parent Tab Set.
              - Imported the file "Tabmenu_horizontale.css" in the plugin's files list.

              I suppose everything is ok, please correct me if not or if i'm missing any step.

              My question is, what do i have to write in the Region Attributes:

              Before html     
              After HTML     
              jQuery selector submenu
              Tab set
              Include single subtab
              Class first parent
              Class last parent
              Class first child
              Class last child
              File Prefix
              Javascript libraries
              CSS file
              Onload code

              I hope you can help me with this....i've been several days trying without results.

              Best regards.
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                I am having a same issue . when I try to figure out using ur login it gave me invalid credintials , Could you please help me on this,

                • 20. Re: Tab menu plugin
                  Karthik C wrote:
                  I am having a same issue . when I try to figure out using ur login it gave me invalid credintials , Could you please help me on this,

                  Could you please start a new tread with a description of your problem.
                  The mentioned login credentials are for the workspace of the OP.

                  • 21. Re: Tab menu plugin
                    Hi Nic,
                    I posted the new thread and link is as follows
                    plugin tab menu  - ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error

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