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    VirtualBox in Solaris 11 zone


      How do I install VirtualBox in a zone?
      There are tons of doc, but I coulnd find anything about this subject.
      Probably also X and vncserver needs to be installed.

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          How do I install VirtualBox in a zone?
          Just like it sounds: create a zone then install the VirtualBox package(s). I have my notes for installing a Bugzilla appliance into a zone, if you are interested. The notes are fairly involved, because:
          * I think you need VirtualBox installed in the global zone
          * You need to import certain devices from the global zone
          * You need a startup service to start the virtual machine
          * If you want the VM to use a NIC, I found it was easier to allocate a second NIC to the zone, but not have it used by the zone

          Watch out for upgrading VirtualBox in the global zone but not upgrading in the local zones. Things get weird.

          I don't think you need X or VNC in the local zone if you are comfortable with the command line. You can always RDP to the VM from anywhere.

          Does that help?
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            I am rather new to Solaris, but with the excellent doc most things just work, but this
            one is a little more tough.

            I expected I could do
            pkg install virtualbox
            But nothing is found in the repo.

            At my previous job we had a Solaris server with a zone which also had the VirtualBox management GUI, which
            makes the usage very easy.
            Therefore I installed vncserver, but then one also needs x11.
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              Download the tar into the zone, then do a regular VB install. For example, do the following in the zone.

              sudo gtar xvf VirtualBox-4.1.16-78094-SunOS.tar.gz
              sudo pkgadd -d VirtualBox-4.1.16-SunOS-r78094.pkg
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                That must do the job.
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                  Hi ,

                  Indeed I could install Vbox from the downloaded pkg.
                  But it missed some x11 libs.
                  I could remember to install a complete system with x11:
                  pkg install slim_install
                  And that works, I works as I want:
                  1 login to zone "vbox"
                  2 start vncserver
                  3 connect with vnc client
                  4 start VirtualBox
                  5 the VirtualBox manager starts

                  But this all does a complete install and is a waste of diskspace in a zone.
                  The global-zone already has x11 installed, can one in some way re-use the
                  global-zone image in a non-global zone?

                  I want to be careful not to spoil the global-zone.

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                    I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but slim_install, X and VNC are probably overkill for VirtualBox running in a zone. If you must use the VirtualBox GUI, then yes, you need those things. Otherwise, you can do almost everything with the command line and connect to the guest via an RDP client.