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    Reports Server stop working


      I have Oracle IAS Forms and Reports installation on Winodws 2088 R2 (x64). All applications works fine, but time to time Reports Server stop working. If I checked Reports Server Queue Status, I can see that some jobs are in Current job queue and all past jobs finishe successfuly.

      I'm also able to kill all jobs from current jobs queue, but any new report will wait in current job queue and nothing happend.

      When I checked all processes with Process Explorer, I can see rwserver.exe and javaw.exe as "subprocesses" to rwserver.exe. If everything works normal I can kill any javaw.exe process or whole rwserver.exe subtree. But when the problem occured, I can't kill javaw.exe proces in any way. I can kill rwserver.exe and new process is bring up, but all javaw.exe processes stay there and Reports server doesn't work. I can also restart WLS_REPORTS, but still no changes.

      The only solution that works is Server restart.

      The problem may occure twice per week and after that everything works fine for 3 months. There is aprox. 2500 reports per day.

      Does anybody have any idea how to solve the problem?