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    Configuring email alerts in Ops Center

      Hi all,

      I have been struggling quite a while to get email alerts working from Ops Center with no success in 11g nor 12c. In the Ops Center GUI, Administration -> EC -> Local Users -> configured user to receive all alerts and emails. I have also configured email relay host correctly(checked a million times).

      Sending emails from the host through the email relay works fine, so I'm baffled.
      #mailx -s " Test from Ops Center" "my.email@work" < text-file

      Do I need to configure something else in Ops Center or what am I missing here?
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          The email alerts from Ops Center are working for me, I performed...

          1.) You must be able to send email from the command line on the Enterprise Controller to the intended email address, ie;

          # mailx -v your_email@email.com
          Subject: Email test from Enterprise Controller

          That test must be successful, and the email received!

          2.) Setup the Notification Profile in the BUI...

          Administration > Enterprise Controller > Users
          Highlight the root user, select Configure Notification Profile (the wrench icon)
          Notifications via >> Subscribe to All Notifications
          User Interface > "Problem updates and all Severities"
          Email: > "Problem updates and all Severities"
          Pager: None
          Notifications Delivery Details
          Email: your_email@email.com
          Pager Address: <blank>
          Mail Host: localhost
          Port: <blank>
          Mail User: root
          Mail Password: <enter the password for root on the EC>
          Connection Security: STARTTLS
          Select: Update Notification Profile

          3.) Go to Assets > Operating System (second level down) of some Asset
          In the center pane select the "Monitoring" tab
          Under "Threshold Monitoring Rules" highlight "Memory Usage Percentage"
          Edit Alert Monitoring Rule Parameters (the pencil)
          Monitor for alert limits continuously
          Toggle: Generate Alert after 1 Minute
          Change Critical MemoryUsage.usedMemoryPercentage > 2%
          Change Warning MemoryUsage.usedMemoryPercentage > 1%

          Wait one minute, you should receive an email that resembles the following:

          Notification is generated by (90037): myserver

          ORACLE Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center Reported Problem

          GlobalZone: myserver
          Problem ID: 425Detection Date: 02/24/2011 05:23:36 GMTSeverity:CriticalState:UnassignedOwner:-Assigned Date: -Problem Description:Memory Usage Percentage has reached 59.4122 on myserverOps Center Server: myserverProblem Link: Click on to be redirected to the reported problem
          https://myserverx:9443/emoc/?objectName=com.xxx.hss.domain%3Aname%3DNORM-myserver-XVM_SATELLITE%2Ctype%3DOperatingSystem&treeId=asset-tree&handler=alarms&alarmId=425Suggested Actions NumberSynopsisAssociated Operational Plan-None
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            Finally we got this working! Thanks a lot for the tips :)

            We were missing these parameters:
            Mail User: root
            Mail Password: <enter the password for root on the EC>
            Connection Security: STARTTLS
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              Hi guys . I followed the above instructions .

              When i use mailx command , I receive mails in my inbox . Ive done the exact same OC settings . With locahost I used port 25 since I had to put in a port. The problem is all the mails that OC generates are stuck in /var/spool/mqueue directory and arent being sent.

              How can I resolve this ?
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                Realy steps are very fine for email configuration i followed the same procedure and configured successfully and ow getting email alerts.

                I need to integrate all these email alerts with out alert tracker tool for that required some specification of alert like in subject of email alert it should come as per below format.

                Hostname: My_Server_hostname, Severity: warrning, Alert_Category_Type: Text_message_of_event

                and also i want to get specific email alerts like critical and warning.

                Thanks in advance..
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