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    DRM configuration failed in windows 32 bit

      Not able to configure DRM on windows 32 bit . I am on application screen and i clicked on Add and i am tryping repository users name and password . it is failing to connect and i am getting error

      Connection Failed: DRM-11023:Connection was established with the server but the connection parameters do not reference a valid DRM database.

      Any one has any idea about this issue?

      i am able to connect to repository in toad.Struggling to find the issue

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          Mr. V

          Even I tried in the similar way and got the same error. Created a user schema from SQL Plus and tried using in DRM. But this is not how we do it.

          You need to create this repository using the "Repository Wizard" from DRM Config console. DRM then create a set of schemas (by default, it uses DRM_DB etc. you can give your custom names if required). Once done, this user schema automaticaly appears in the Repository Configuration screen. Hope this helps!!
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            we asked for the dba level access to create repoistory using wizard instead of using script that solved our issue .

            i am new to DRM and have worked in essbase and planning so far . we just got this tool and have instead in dev to play with it .

            can any body help me in setting the default property.i can only create users in it i not seeing any thing under node, hierarchy , property . When oracle gave us demo then they told us to import some file to get all these default setting . Now i forgot which file and where can i get the file to get the default properties

            Any information for starters will really be appreciate.

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              Mr. V

              Those downloads exist here - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/data-relationship-management/downloads/index.html.

              Download "     EPM Application Templates for Hyperion Data Relationship Management" and import these properties. Hope this helps!!

              Cheers, Vicky.
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