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    How to Enable Payment Terms in the Advanced Preferences?

      We are working on JDE E1 8.12 release, We have a problem that sales order preferences setup is not giving the required result. In the setup we linked Item Group (SRP1) and Customer with payment term. Output of this setup is have different payment terms in SO details (F4211). Right now system is taking same SO header (F4201) payment term. I checked all the setup is okay....can anyone help me to solve this problem.
      I've done the following :

      - Activate the advanced preference schedule ADVPREF in constants
      - Set up the advanced preference definition DETAILS with a preference hierarchy of PH and type of advanced preference 02
      - Set up the detail for an Item Group and Customer
      - Activate preference profiling in P4210 on Preferences tab.

      I had a issue - missing data columns with P4072 (Advanced Preferences Detail Revisions). I already could add a preference line via P40711 (Preference Values Maintenance) and I could add values, payment terms,but still is not giving the required result

      Thanks & Regards